"Change is a GOOD thing."


Life is constantly changing. You as a person; you are constantly changing. Sometimes we make decisions based on what we think or feel. 

When the time has come around, we begin to rethink why we made such a change? Always remember everyday or everything will not be easy. In order to grow, you must change. Whether its your surroundings, friends, or activities. 

There will be times when you feel lonely. Use that lonely time to get to know who you are...

Sometimes we tend to forget ourselves, our direction, and our focus in life.

I can honestly say I didn't get to find myself until the tender age of 22. Even now, I'm still finding myself. Self-identification can be difficult process. Especially, when you see that you stand out from the crowd. You may begin to hide your identity but one day you say FUCK IT and you become who you are. You can't be someone you're not for a long time. 

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