MORE skin care; LESS makeup!

I love skin care because the MORE you take care of your skin, the LESS makeup you need!
From a little girl, or lets just say at the tender age of about 13, I was forced and taught to take care of my skin by my Aunty. My aunt would force me wash my face day and night with all these fancy looking products. Back then, I did not care but now I appreciate it!
Like any other female, I love makeup. I just don't like the process and the time it takes. Life is too busy for such things. So less makeup works for me.
The only reason I'm able to wear little to no makeup is because I take care of my skin, day and night!
I have been using Clinique for years. Its simple. Affordable. And it works!
Down below you will find various picture of the product I use and in order in which I use them.
The bar soap ranges from $13-$17. Its a nice and thick bar soap that lasts for a while. at least 1 and 1/2 months.  Clarifying Lotion/Toner $13-$23. Turnaround Concentrate, which is my FAV ranges from $44-$64. The concentrate provides radiance while evening out your skin tone. Last but not least, the moisture surge ranges from $38-$52. Great for dry or combination skin for winter and summer!
This is me bare. No makeup! I thank my Aunty and Clinique!!!
.....and for makeup remover, I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover!!! About $6 at your local Nordstrom Rack beauty section. A little more at Ulta, Walgreens, etc.

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“I love skin care because the MORE you take care of your skin, the LESS makeup you need!” Girl, I believe this too! When I went to Lina Cameron for my wedding makeup,who trains best make-up lesson , she was appreciating a lot to see my skin flawless. I got super oily skin, till I don’t have any pores problem, wrinkles or any other problems! That’s why I use less makeup to, cause they are not that much necessary for me!


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