Sleeping Naked...

Sleeping naked is one of the most anticipated activities of my night. 

I think its good for every female to sleep naked for a number of reasons:
1. You are free! Free of underwear! Bra straps, thong straps
2. You rest peacefully! Just you and your sheets or your significant other!
3. You wont need to buy pajamas. Save money on sleepwear by sleeping naked!
4. If you sleep next to your man, things can get heated quickly! LOL
5. Gives your lady parts a nice cool breeze!  LOL, yes I said it.
As for me, sleeping naked puts me in tune with my soul and my music as I close my eyes at night!
So if you don't sleep naked, try it!


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Please do. Make sure you have a micro-plush blanket! Feels the best. Sheets are nice for warm nights:)


Enlightening. I like to be warm when I sleep but Il’ll try this :-)


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