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Safee Davis

ARS GRATIA ARTIS Cannabis camo soccer Jersey Clothing: ArS GRATIA ArTIS MUA: Striking Faces (Celise David) Hair: Ms.Safee


Safee Davis

  "Change is a GOOD thing."   Life is constantly changing. You as a person; you are constantly changing. Sometimes we make decisions based on what we think or feel.  When the time has come around, we begin to rethink why we made such a change? Always remember everyday or everything will not be easy. In order to grow, you must change. Whether its your surroundings, friends, or activities.  There will be times when you feel lonely. Use that lonely time to get to know who you are... Sometimes we tend to forget ourselves, our direction, and our focus in...


Safee Davis

A New Year is a time to reflect on the past year and pick up where you left off. At least for me it is. I love the woman I'm becoming. I pray to God that I can evolve in everything I do. I also want my friends and family far and near to evolve to their highest potential. This New Year, set your personal goals and ACHIEVE them. If something didn't work out last year, try again or maybe try again in different way. Most of all, DON'T give up on your dreams! HAPPY NEW YEARS! -MsSafee Dress: La...

Black Radiance

Safee Davis

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Ms.Safee Skinny Serum BLOWout!

Safee Davis

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This style was achieved by a a layered cut, and Paul Mitchell's Skinny serum. Tools used: Medium and and large round brush and Blow dryer